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Some of the mostly queries which come in mind of different people are below:

What's the Purpose of this site?

We are striving for providing you guidance for your vacation planning. Our mission includes to provide you such an informative platform where you as a guider prepare for different tours. Besides this, we interact with you with one of the best guides in the world.

Who can use this site?

There are two kinds of people who can use this site:

  • Travel Agents/Guiders
  • Tourists

What is the value features you are providing us?

Being professional we are very serious about vacation planner so this is the reason that we are serving you these unique features which you will not get from other sites. These things show that we are different and genuine service from the crowd.

Direct Message System:

The direct message system is a very interesting and valuable feature for both the traveler and the guider. With this feature, the guider can approach the traveler and the traveler can approach the guider. In this way, it is a good information exchange channel between them.

Live Chat System:

We are providing both agents and travelers very unique chat system. We tried to buildup connection with each other to solve their purpose shortly. This is really an exclusive system we are providing and improving daily.

Create Tour Group:

Maybe you our from different places in fact different countries or continent. So what? Now you can create group from different places and meet the tour point and enjoy the time with new friends or family. The user experience is really fantastic to use.

Share Your Story:

Some people who arrange tours and some who travel to different places have different ideas and stories in their minds. Through such stories, they can teach lessons to readers. So, this is also a demanding feature on this site.

Ask Question:

It may happen anyone has a question in his mind then that question can be published on our site. Our experienced verified guider will answer if they know about it. Also, the guiders can ask questions.


Our Content regarding guide for travelers is our face for all. Hence, we do not compromise with our content. Mostly we write content in such a manner that is questioned in the mind of the reader.


We are always available to serve you best on this platform. Our support team will keep an eye on publishing stories and your questions and answers. If you face any kind of account problem then you can also contact our support.

Will you offer tours?

We are not a traveling agency. We want to provide guidance and valuable information to tourists.

What a guider can do?

1. The guider purpose on our site should be to guide travelers.

2. The Guiders can Share their past traveling Stories (Your Stories should be on a reality basis).

3. The guiders can write about different places throughout the word or any other country about which they have experience of tours.

4. The guiders can generally create content for Travelers which is helpful as they can share weather conditions in a specific place.

5. The guiders can give reply to tourists queries according to their Experience. Do not try to answer such a question about which you have not the idea. Our team always has an eye on such replay and then we approve such answers which are valuable for the audience. And like and dislike system also may affect your answer as well as your profile reach.

6. The guiders profile will be always under our observation because we want to provide verified and genuine guides for our travelers.

7. We also allow you to personally direct message to any traveler or any other person from our profile system.

8. We are not a traveling agency. We want to provide guidance and valuable information to tourists. For this we require Guiders. But there is also a competitive advantage for Guiders. And that you can provide your guidance services to our tourists by targeting local audiences in your area. So, in this way you can do business from our services by getting your customers for your service.

9. On this site, we all are like a family, so we are providing this service to help each other and not to violate our policies.

10. We are not expecting spamming from your side. So, whenever we detected any stent to play with our content algorithm then. You may suspend your account according to these violations.

11. You always keep focusing on your publishing stories or content because first, it should fulfill our criteria. We read about your content and then we detect any kind of problem which we observe. If it exists then we reject to publish it on our site.

12. On our site, you will see that if your purpose is also to provide value to tourists then you can go for long terms with us. Otherwise, you will not feel happy as a guide.

What a Traveler can do?

1. The Travelers on our site can consult valuable and informative content for any place for which they are planning to visit.

2. Our Travelers can also comment on the post if they have any questions in their minds.

3. You can share your past traveling trips stories and your experiences but keep in mind we will only allow you genuine stories. We read before publishing your story and if we track any loophole in your story or any aspects which hacks your story, then we will not allow you to publish on our platform it is because we are very serious for original content for our audience.

4. We also facilitate you to directly approach any guider who has content on its profile or expertise of tours on any specific place about which you are looking for.

5. You can search for Professional guides regarding any place in the world and you can chat with them to know something about the place which you want to visit. And also you can deal with them according to their services.

6. You can also ask any questions in your mind and guiders will answer or any other people who have an idea about your answer.

7. Your Question should be meaningful and it should not be already published on our site. And we also do not publish your question till we confirm any regarding a question on our platform. So, you should first search about it and then ask it if you not found any replay.

8. Any suspicious activities regarding our policies if you try then we may block your profile and you will not be able to consult our service.

What is the content contribution criteria?

We will not compromise any plagiarized content. We like to publish only original content so it should be 100% unique. There should not be any grammatical errors in your content or your post. And it should be clear in its meaning. The content must be well structured so that readers can easily perceive its flow and experience wonderful content. It will be best for you to write only on such topics which are your expertise. It will help you to grow on our website. At the start, we will not allow you to attach any link on the content. When you reach a certain level and we detect you are a genuine person to contribute as a traveler or as a guide then we will accept your links.

What support you will provide?

We are always available to serve you best on this platform. Our support team will keep an eye on publishing stories and your questions and answers. If you face any kind of account problem then you can also contact our support.

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