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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This data safety policies sets out in accurate terms about data this site manipulate from its valuable users, how it optimally seeks to save its users' data and what rights users can exercise? By making utilize of this but the associated assistance, the user accepts the customs as clearly elaborate in this data safety contract. The user must read the data safety policies thoroughly before interacting with the services offered by our site. If the user has questions regarding the policy for this website, he / she can contact this website in writing at the address below:

Table of Content

  • Data processing
  • Data security
  • Rights of the person concerned
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Liability

Data processing

You can read the terms which lie under this Data processing Policy:


Through registration the user gives his / her permission to this website - and processors who act with the name and / or order of this website - for the mechanism of his / her personal or confidential data. You must also know that If the confidential data is utilized for goals for which the permission of the user is required, the user will always be asked for explicit, written permission.

Collection of data

For this Site to be able to provide the services set out in its General Terms and Conditions, it is necessary to collect and store the confidential data that the user communicates in the context of, among other things, the newsletter or subscription request as long as this website deems this necessary or earlier: when the user requests to delete this data. So the different Documenets which we take for your verification are Passport, Driving Licence, Goverment Issued photo ID, Photos and other details.These documents are important to provide you proper professional services. We will not sell your data for any marketing stunt because we care about your confidential documents.


When subscribing to the newsletter or posting on one of the blog posts, the user must enter a number of details that are necessary for receiving the newsletter or for processing your message, which are designated separately as such. These mandatory details are:

- Name;

- E-mail address;

Furthermore, more information may be requested in the context of the application, such as:

- Your own comment or message.

What information we care about:

None of this information is ever shared publicly or used for this target other than the High. Only when filling in the relevant forms on this website are the user data passed on by the relevant browser and stored in protocol files. This information is:

- user's IP address;

- name of the requested site;

- date and time of request;

- the referrer URL (origin URL), from which the user came to the requested website;

- amount of data transferred;

- status report about the success of the query;

- session identification number.

In the so-called log-in records, each time the user requests a quote, the following usage data is stored on the website:

- date and time of logging in;

- IP address of your system (Internet Protocol address);

- number of session cookies;

- session identification number.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics service, a service of Google Inc., for web analysis. We can ensure you that the storage and processing of this data is no longer possible in the future.


  • This website uses so-called "cookies" to individually shape and optimize the online experience and online time of users.
  • This website uses session cookies, partner and affiliate cookies, measurement cookies as well as permanent cookies.
  • The user has the possibility at all times to refuse the placement of cookies through the settings of his / her internet browser, which can adversely affect the services offered by this website.

Facebook Pixel

This website uses the Facebook pixel to provide visitors with personalized advertisements and to do 'profiling'. You can prevent this processing via your personal Facebook settings.

Use of data

This website keeps the confidential data with an external party and does not keep the confidential data itself. In the event of incorrect information or no response, data can still be used for the following purposes:

a. Contacting these persons in the context of still stating the correct data;

b. The proper and / or optimal provision of customer support;

c. Detecting and preventing unlawful acts or activities in violation of the Terms and Conditions of this website.

Sharing with third parties:

Personal data will only be provided to third parties without anonymisation:

- If this is necessary to provide the service offered (eg booking a trip with a party with whom this website cooperates);

- If the user has given his / her explicit permission for this (eg when publishing a review);

- Where the provision on the basis of the relevant legal provisions is permitted for a specific authority legally authorized for this purpose (eg in the case of a government investigation).

-External service providers of this website that provide services in the name and assignment of this website in order to make the service possible are not considered to be third parties.

2. Data security

Maximum data security is pursued with the help of appropriate technical and organizational measures. All information entered by the user when requesting a quote on this website is encrypted. This coding seals the data transfer between the user's internet surfing browser and the web server of this website and thus prevents misuse of this data. The encryption technique used for this is SSL encryption.

3. Rights of the person concerned

We care about the following rights of the person concerned:

The General Terms of Services for travelers are Below

Right to access information:

This website has attempted to set out its policy in the present document in clear terms. However, the user has the right, by written request, at reasonable intervals, to obtain additional information about the data stored for this person on this website, about their origin, about the purpose for which they are kept for a short time and about the recipient to whom the data is transferred.

Right to object:

The user retains the right or permission to withdraw all or part of the permission given at any time, which may lead to the inability to consult this services of our webpages even further. The user also has the right to object to the use of his / her data for direct marketing goals. For this plan a written request is sufficient stating: The e-mail addresses specified on this website.

Right to rectification:

The user as traveler or guider has the Permission or right to improve his / her data at any time via a new request for quotation.

Right of deletion:

The user has the right to demand rectification or deletion of his / her personal data stored on this website at any time. Please note that this data is immediately forwarded to interested parties and thus immediately after request also removed from the servers and inboxes.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

For this plan a written request is sufficient stating:

The e-mail addresses specified on this valuable website. The right to delete your confidential information may, nonetheless, be limited by legal retention agreements on this website. The stuff onour site is protected as intelectual rights. If you want to use anything of this stuff then you first have to take permission by contacting us otherwise we will take legislative step.

5. Liability:

The knowledgeable information or valuable content on our website is usually general nature. The information is not adapted to personal or specific situations, and can hence not be known as personal, professional or legal advice to the user. We make great efforts to ensure that the content provided is complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date. Despite these efforts, inaccuracies may occur in the content provided. If the knowledgeable information which provided contains inaccuracies or if certain information is unavailable on or via the site, we will make every effort to rectify this as quickly as possible. you have to write cleary that anything you exchange personally we are not taking any liabilities for that.

Remmber 1: We will not taking any liabilites for any money transction. Travel Guider harasment. Any Group harasment.

Remmber 2: Exchange any phone number, email id, social media accounts, home address, etc. Only users have liabilitity for that.

Remmber 2: Also remmber that We will not taking any liabilites for any money transction. Nonetheless, we cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage concluding from the use of the data on this site.

If you find any inaccuracies in the information or our content made available through the site, you can contact the site manager through the contact form or our business email.


We are striving for delivering you the first class, quality, valuable and genuine content for your knowledge. The knowledgeable content or quality information of our site (Text + Images) can be adjusted, changed or supplemented at any time without notice or notification. We gives no guarantees for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be held liable in any way for malfunctioning or temporary (un) availability of the website or any other error on website.


This Site may include some external links or hyperlinks to pages or Sites of other web parties, or refer to them indirectly. The placement of external sites links or hyperlinks to these pages or external websites in no way implies an implicit approval of their content.

Be careful:

We just warn you that if you play with our site by making different fake accounts. We have applay validations on our system to recognize who is looking to cheat our user managment. We only responsible for genuine and verified users. We will not taking any liabilites for any money transction.

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